Choice, Preference, and Meaning: tools to help survey research
SmartRevenue has pioneered the development of mobile surveying. Our ability to administer in-depth, complex surveys and research instruments, such as card sorts or discrete choice models, in any online or physical environment, is core to our quantitative ethnography. 


Digital and Physical Wayfinding: tools to measure movement through physical and digital space
At both small and large scales, SmartRevenue also tracks physical and digital navigation through a broad range of methods that include direct observation and flow counting, crowd analytics, ethnographic video, digital surfalongs and user experience studies, and web and app usage tracking.

These tools allow us to build rich biographies and identify patterns in selection and de-selection across different channels, events, and spaces.  

Affect and Attention: tools to measure subconscious behavior
SmartRevenue uses eye tracking analysis and emotional analytics (facial coding and voice coding) to go beyond what individuals say. These methods complement quantitative ethnography by providing fine-grained mappings of modes of attention, response, and engagement that frame individuals’ intended decisions and preferences.