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SmartRevenue is the leading global provider of shopper insights

SmartRevenue offers the largest field force of over 1200 ethnographers trained in behavioral science and uses Quantitative Ethnography to capture critical point-of-experience KPI measures that are not available through other traditional market research approaches. By understanding the touch-points and drivers along the OmniShopper path to purchase, companies can create more targeted pre-store and in-store marketing, merchandising, and sales plans as well as identify lost and white space opportunities.

Our comprehensive approach helps clients: 

  • Identify product perceptions and usages at home
  • Understand product performance within retail environments
  • Develop optimized at-home, in-public, in-store, and in-digital media mix
  • Align brand strategy with retail strategy
  • Support customer leadership on retailer specific basis
  • Develop shopper-centric packaging
  • Refine displays and planograms

Our methods quantify:

Traffic at the store, display, media, and shelf

  • Passed by
  • Browsed
  • Purchases (including number and type purchased)
  • Passers-by

Display effectiveness

  • Organization
  • Findability
  • Shopability
  • Impact on overall store image
  • Awareness and recall

Drivers of impulsivity (planned vs. unplanned purchases) 

  • Shopper inspiration to try new products
  • Media awareness
  • Messaging
  • Positioning
  • Awareness and recall

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