SmartRevenue's Retail Metrics Conversion Simulator and Window Conversion Tool helps clients develop quantifiable solutions and strategies

SmartRevenue's Retail Metrics Conversion Simulator

SmartRevenue’s Retail Metrics Conversion Simulator identifies conversion opportunities to provide actionable, quantifiable recommendations. Identifying and quantifying conversion opportunities creates a common platform and language for manufacturers and retailers to increase trips and grow baskets. By quantifying the ROI of improved conversion metrics using SmartRevenue's Retail Metrics Conversion Simulator, clients can identify the value of improving:

  • Browsers to passersby
  • Enterers to browsers
  • Enterers to purchasers
  • Increased dwell time
  • Section and display productivity


SmartRevenue's Window Conversion Tool

Use our Window Conversion Tool to quantify window traffic, browsers to passersby, enterers to browsers, dwell time, purchase conversion of enterers:

  • Which sections of the store shoppers enter, browse, and make a purchase 
  • How satisfied is the shopper with the store?
  • How loyal are the shoppers?
  • What is the repeat, return, and purchase conversion?
  • How long is the shopper spending in the store?
  • What are the hot and cold spots?


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