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Public Health & Opinion

SmartRevenue provides actionable shopper, direct-to-consumer, and business-to-business insights to pharmaceutical, diagnostics, biotechnology, and healthcare technology clients. We combine industry experts, innovative technologies, and Quantitative Ethnographic methods to provide differentiated analytical insights, marketing evaluations, brand insights, point of purchase insights, product development, and data integration.

  • Analytical Insights: Segmentation; driver analysis; decision-tree analysis; conjoint/choice modeling; positioning; forecasting; ROI analysis; media mix optimization
  • Marketing Evaluation: Advertising; pricing; promotion; packaging; programs
  • Brand Insights: Awareness, trial, usage; equity; pricing
  • Point of Purchase: Traffic flow; navigation; conversion; browsing behaviors; shopability; impulsivity; private label
  • Product Development: Assessment; optimization; testing: concept, ad, packaging, layout/planogram
  • Data Integration: Prescription data; store data; panel data; UPC scans; sales receipts

Public Sector

SmartRevenue provides public sector services to IGOs, NGOs, consulting agencies, and PACs to increase understanding of citizens and stakeholders, evaluate current policies and programs, and drive informed and optimized initiatives that meet the needs of the public. We combine academically trained ethnographers, innovative data collection technologies, and integrated quantitative and qualitative methods to provide differentiated public sector insights, including:

  • Demography
  • Qualitative Ehnography
  • Behavioral and attitudinal insights
  • Polling
  • Positioning studies
  • Testing of outreach and educational plans
  • Evaluation of policies/programs and communications strategies
  • Public opinion assessment, tracking, and trending

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