INI-SMARTREVENUE is an innovative marketing and shopper research agency focused on consumer and shopper insights in Asia

Bringing together two independent companies, the integrated INI-SmartRevenue brand combines an experienced global team with expert local knowledge enabling clients to identify insights in the Asian market, including consumers’ and shoppers’ path to purchase. 

SmartRevenue offers the largest field force of over 1200 global ethnographers trained in behavioral science. We use quantitative ethnography to obtain critical point-of-experience KPI measures that are not available through other traditional market research approaches. INI International is a marketing services agency with offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. Together, INI-SMARTREVENUE provides coverage of Asia and China (including 300+ key national cities). Combining local and global expertise and knowledge, we help companies develop consumer, shopper, and brand communications strategies for the Asian market.

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INI-SmartRevenue methods include:

  • Shopper Insights—In-Store/Digital Ethnography
  • Traditional and Shopper-Circuitry Decision Trees
  • In-Home Ethnography/Home-to-Shop Ethnography
  • Longitudinal Consumption and Usage Diary
  • Adjacency/Card Sort and Market Structure Studies for
  • POG Testing and Development
  • Path Tracking and Heat Maps
  • Online to Offline Insights Across Platform Channels
  • Brand Sponsorship Event Intelligence and Evaluation

INI-SmartRevenue capabilities include:

  • Consumer and Shopper Insights
  • Product Innovation
  • Design-Centered Product Development and Testing
  • Brand Strategy, Communication, and Design
  • Channel Orientation
  • Omnichannel Path-to-Purchase Insights