SmartRevenue Forms Strategic Partnership with Luth Research to Answer the Call for Unified Omnichannel Physical and Digital Insights

Stamford CT: Today, SmartRevenue, a leading provider of shopper and consumer insights, announced that they have combined capabilities with Luth Research, a firm that specializes in passive digital behavior tracking, to offer a differentiated approach to provide consumer decision journeys, KPI tracking, and data analysis. “We see that our core offering of observations, interviews, and purchase behavior integrates seamlessly with Luth’s expertise in digital behavior tracking to bring a powerful, new, and comprehensive consumer journey map to our clients,” says John Dranow, CEO of SmartRevenue.  Together, SmartRevenue and Luth Research can access data in the combined physical and digital space to answer the most important questions clients have about their customers, clients, and brands such as:

·         what drives consumer engagement along their decision-making journey

·         what are the critical touchpoints that can be influenced

·         and when in the journey is a purchase decision made

Since presenting findings from a recent study the two companies completed about the future of online grocery, SmartRevenue and Luth have had numerous requests for webinars and projects that reflect interest from clients to gain actionable insights from this new capability.

“It was clear that we were on to something big when we presented our findings at Quirks earlier this year,” says SmartRevenue CEO John Dranow. He continues, “By integrating our shopper analytics and ethnographic digital surfalongs with Luth’s ZQ passive click tracking we uncovered compelling search and navigation behaviors as well as emerging segments that really told an exciting story about potential opportunities for our clients.” When asked why this approach seems to have resonated with clients he says, “Given how disrupted the retail landscape is across the board, this approach offers our clients necessary coordinates and a new perspective of where they rank in the omnichannel world and what insights they can act on to achieve their strategic goals.” 

About SmartRevenue      

 SmartRevenue is a global ethnographic research company specializing in understanding customer behavior at the point-of -purchase, experience, and consumption anywhere in the world. We bring quantitative and qualitative data-driven insights to understand your customer journey, their decision-making processes, and drivers of awareness, engagement, and conversion in the physical and digital space.  Learn more at


About Luth Research

For the past 35 years, Luth Research has introduced innovative, leading-edge platforms to the market research industry. As a leader in building communities and delivering insights, we were at the forefront of the digital revolution in 1999 with the launch of SurveySavvy®, our patented online research panel. Over time, this global community has grown to include millions of online participants and continues to expand its membership daily. Add to that the enhanced online behavioral tracking enabled by Luth Research ZQ Intelligence™, and our clients have some of the most comprehensive methods for better understanding their customers — online and offline. Learn more at


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