crayola and smartrevenue to present at omnishopper 2016

Generation C: How to Engage Millennial Parents With Creative Solutions

SmartRevenue is excited to co-present with Crayola at OmniShopper 2016, July 10th &emdash; 13th, Chicago. We know Millennials are changing the retail landscape. Understanding how and why is key to creating a successful activation program at retail.

Join Crayola and SmartRevenue to understand how to identify a macro-trend, respond to the trend, and use shopper insights to support an activation plan at retail.

Wednesday, July 13th @ 2:15 PM 

How Crayola is Supporting a new Generation of Millenial Parents with Creative Healthy Choices for Childhood Development

The new generation of Millennial parents want to work with branded ingredients to create something; their mindset is if it doesn’t exist in the marketplace, create it. 61% of Millennial parents believe their kids need more unstructured playtime and stay-at-home parent percentages are on the rise. The pendulum in educational activities is starting to swing back to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). It is essential to create a healthy balance between digital activities and tactile interpersonal interaction. This session will explore these macro issues and their implications for retail, as retailers who provide families with healthy creative solutions will be more relevant than those who miss this important macro-trend. Crayola and SmartRevenue will be presenting these issues using ethnographic case studies. 

Richard Stringer, Vice President of Customer Solutions, Crayola
John Dranow, CEO, SmartRevenue
Laura Hanson, PhD., Research Director, SmartRevenue

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