SmartRevenue Presenting at Quirk’s NY: Best Practices in Quantifying and Driving Traffic and Conversion In-Store: A Mall Case Study

In the competitive multi-brand world of the shopping mall, identifying how to attract, engage, and convert shoppers is vital. By leveraging its Quantitative Ethnography™ in combination with eye-tracking to generate data-driven insights, SmartRevenue worked with leading brands to strategically and tactically optimize their strategy to win with free standing boutique stores in malls around the world through optimizing visual merchandising, product displays, and employee service models. The result? Increased traffic, engagement, and ultimately, conversion. 

SmartRevenue’s case study provides an overview on best practices for driving attraction, engagement, and conversion. Learn more on how:

  • Understanding window conversion is key to driving traffic – benchmark against competitors to know where you stand
  • A strong impact zone is the first step to curating a meaningful path into the store
  • Buyer behaviors reveal what it takes to drive conversion – time and trial

Join us at Quirk's NY:  February 27th, 2018, 1:30 - 2:00 PM

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