smartrevenue speaking with crayola at globalshop 2017

SmartRevenue will be co-presenting with Crayola and PCA at Globalshop 2017 on how to effectively leverage shopper insights to create engaging category destinations. As the category leader of children's art supplies and kid inspired innovations, Crayola developed and executed a learning plan and strategy to understand how their shoppers engaged with and shopped the category. SmartRevenue worked with Crayola to generate insights around shopper need states and navigational patterns across multiple channels and categories.

By combining a Shelf Back approach and Blue Sky Thinking utilizing their visual merchandising laboratory, Crayola collected multiple data points enabling a comprehensive understanding of the CAS shopper. These multilayered insights and shopper stories helped Crayola redesign aisles and offer new category solutions.

Driving Big Ideas using a Shelf Back Approach & Blue Sky Thinking
Wednesday, March 29, 2017: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM


Rick Stringer
Vice President of Customer Solutions

Jeffrey Rafalski
Director of Insights and Creative Development for In-Store Merchandising

John Dranow

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