smartrevenue speaking at the quirk's event, orange county

SmartRevenue will be exhibiting and speaking at The Quirk's Event, Orange County, February 28 - March 1, 2017. SmartRevenue's President of Insights, Dard Neuman, PhD., will provide a mini‑workshop on how to effectively align shopper and consumer decision-making models to develop integrated and actionable insights for marketing and merchandising.

Date/Time: Tuesday, February 28th @ 4:15 PM
Location: Quirk's Event, Orange County (

Title: Making sense of Market Structures, Shopper Decision Trees, and Consumer Decision Hierarchies. Or "What do I do when my insights do not align?"

The shopper insights industry has proliferated models to understand shoppers and consumers, but this has created confusion about how to interpret and activate these tools. Join SmartRevenue's President of Insights, Dard Neuman, PhD., who will provide frameworks for understanding how to integrate these models in order to create actionable insights. You'll learn:

  • When to use different types of data - panel-based, shopper, sales, big data - what it tells you
  • The difference between market structures, shopper decision trees, navigational hierarchies, and consumer decision hierarchies
  • How to apply these models and what to do if there is seemingly contradictory data

About SmartRevenue
SmartRevenue is your eyes and ears at the point-of-purchase, experience and consumption, at home, in public, in-store and in digital, anywhere in the world. We've conducted over 1 million observations and interviews in 120 categories across 210 retail banners in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Leveraging the best trained and educated in-house field force of over 1,200 global ethnographers, SmartRevenue helps clients identify critical point-of-purchase, experience and consumption KPI data white space metrics unavailable through other market research approaches.

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