what is the o2o trend? ini-smartrevenue moderate a panel at omnishopper 2015

What is the O2O Trend? Join INI-SmartRevenue as they discuss the Online to Offline path to purchase and shopper insights trends, challenges, and opportunities in China.

Asia has witnessed unprecedented economic and technological change in the past 10 years. China, with the world’s largest mobile internet population at 500M+, a middle class that is as large as the entire U.S. population, and a connected consumer lifestyle comfortable with e-commerce, is at the forefront of the O2O trend.

Moderated by SmartRevenue CEO, John Dranow, the panel ’Activating Shopper Insights in an Exploding O2O World‘ will discuss key challenges and opportunities in China. INI CEO Raymond Liang will kick of the panel discussion with an overview of O2O trends in China:

  • How are offline and online channels able to meet the needs of the Chinese Individual, what are their current habits in each, and can these habits be transferred from one channel to the other?
  • How are retailers and brands taking advantage of shopping trends in China today in order to diversify and connect the different channels?
  • What are the implications for brands and retailers entering the China market?

Panelists, including Tammy Schinner, Executive Director of Global Consumer Insights, Estée Lauder and Pankaj Chopra, Pankaj Chopra, Director, Global Strategy & Insights at Johnson & Johnson, will discuss shopper insights trends, challenges, and opportunities in Asia, and review key topics:

  • What about doing research in the U.S. is the same/different from doing research in China?
  • Thinking about doing business or research in China, what is one thing to be sure to do / not to do?
  • What is the balance between chains and independents in China? How is this different than the U.S.?
  • We are told that China is much more advanced in terms of e-commerce and digital engagement. Would you agree with that assessment and how would you advise the audience to develop plans for doing business in China?

We invite you to join the discussion: 

Monday, July 20th, 4 – 5:30 PM 

Asia: Activating Shopper Insights in an Exploding O2O World (a panel moderated by SmartRevenue CEO John Dranow with overview by Raymond Liang, INI CEO).

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