smartrevenue insights help support lyme disease awareness and prevention initiative

Learn how SmartRevenue generated ethnographic insights to support a communications strategy to build a Lyme disease awareness and prevention initiative.

SmartRevenue, in partnership with Lyme Connection and Ridgefield Library, with support from Western Connecticut Health Network, is proud to be part of a community program to help end Lyme disease.

Download SmartRevenue’s Report: “Ethnographic Pilot Study to Assess Lyme Disease Awareness and Prevention Behaviors"

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About SmartRevenue 
SmartRevenue is your eyes and ears at the point of purchase, experience, and consumption, at-home, in-public, in-store, and in the digital space, anywhere in the world. 

SmartRevenue offers the largest field force of over 1000 ethnographers trained in behavioral science and uses quantitative ethnography to get at critical point-of-experience KPI measures that are not available through other traditional market research approaches. By understanding the touch-points and drivers along the OmniShopper path to purchase, companies can create more targeted pre-store and in-store marketing, merchandising, and sales plans as well as identify lost and white space opportunities. 

SmartRevenue has conducted over one million observations and interviews with over 600,000 participants, in 90 categories and 150 retail banners in the U.S. Canada, Latin American, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.