building international shopper initiatives: smartrevenue and clorox to speak at omnishopper 2015 conference

Build a Successful Global Shopper Insights Strategy 
Join SmartRevenue and Clorox at the OmniShopper 2015 Conference to see how they did it

How do we successfully activate a global retail leadership strategy in very different local contexts? What does it take to strike a balance between globally-driven initiatives and locally-tailored category actions?

To develop their retail strategy and category leadership in Latin American and Middle Eastern markets, Clorox International partnered with SmartRevenue to produce foundational shopper insights about the home care section. Leading its regional ethnographic teams, SmartRevenue generated local category and shopper insights to help build a global strategy. The result? Successful aisle and display re-organizations in the home care category producing increased regional sales and stronger retailer partnerships.

Join Clorox and SmartRevenue at the OmniShopper 2015 Conference in Chicago, July 20th—July 22nd to see their framework for building a successful international insights partnership. Get an on the ground perspective on how to plan, execute, and implement a global sales-generating shopper marketing strategy across two very different markets: Latin America and the Middle East.


Clorox and SmartRevenue present: 
“How Clorox is Leveraging Shopper Insights to Drive Global Retail Leadership: A Study from Latin America and the Middle East”

Dan Mudd, International Director, Clorox International Company
John Dranow, CEO, SmartRevenue
Jennifer Heuss, VP of Global Ethnographic Insights, SmartRevenue
Juliette Kessler, Senior Project Director, SmartRevenue

Tuesday, July 21st @ 4 PM
OmniShopper 2015 Conference, Radisson Blu, Chicago

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