SmartRevenue is able to provide a variety of secret shopping services from basic compliance to advance scenario assessment


SmartRevenue Has Conducted Over 500,000 Secret Shops In The Past 5 Years In All 50 States


  • Protocols created to evaluate all key areas of service. Protocols include multiple scenarios to fully evaluate all potential deliverables from that area of service.
  • SmartRevenue ethnographers, acting as mystery guests on a randomized and rotational basis will conduct sufficient mystery shops to evaluate each protocol and scenario. Each point of service will be evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively. 
  • A schedule covering a randomized plan will be developed by day and day parts
  • Ethnographic observations of navigation, conversion, and dwell time will be developed
  • All ethnographers will use tablets provided by SmartRevenue including wireless transmission of data
  • A budget will be created for actual purchases of products and services to fully evaluate the services that involve transactions
  • All elements and services for evaluation will be identified for all sectors
  • Criteria for evaluation will be developed for all evaluated elements and services including attitude, knowledge, and behavior of staff as well as facility and staff appearance
  • Evaluation scripts and scenarios will developed to meet all criteria
  • Scorecards will be developed for each script and scenario
  • Training materials will be developed for mystery shoppers to support the evaluation scripts and scenarios

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