SmartRevenue Deploys The Largest Ethnographic Field Research Team:
your eyes and ears in the physical and digital space

SmartRevenue provides the best trained and educated in-house field force of over 1,200 global ethnographers covering 46 languages. Our ethnographers are trained in the behavioral sciences and use qualitative and quantitative ethnography to capture multiple data points including observations, interviews, open-end voice-recordings, video/photographs, and product scans. 

SmartRevenue ethnographers are recruited from social science programs in top universities and colleges to form a unique in-house local, national, and international ethnographic field research team. Our dedicated Ethnographic Resources Department interviews, checks, hires, trains, and monitors each ethnographer. Each ethnographer is extensively trained in SmartRevenue methods, protocols, and technologies as well as project- and retailer-specific standard operating procedures. 

Ethnography is the branch of anthropology that deals with the scientific description of specific human cultures.

While technology and data analytics provide more answers than ever before, it remains essential to understand consumers and shoppers in the marketplace.


SmartRevenue is able to conduct studies in North American markets and works internationally by combining core SmartRevenue field research directors with ethnographers from the research region and the best local field staff partners. 


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