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SmartRevenue provides clients consumer insights, strategies, and solutions to identify and access common ground for volume growth

SmartRevenue integrates smart people, technologies, and methods to provide differentiated and actionable insights to drive manufacturer and retailer strategies and solutions. SmartRevenue's comprehensive approach permits clients to:

  • Identify product perceptions and usages at home
  • Understand product performance within retail environments
  • Develop optimized at-home, in-public, and in-store media mix
  • Align brand strategy with retail strategy
  • Support customer leadership on retailer specific basis
  • Develop shopper-centric packaging
  • Refine displays and planograms

SmartRevenue believes that in order to be competitive in our challenging present, the revenue generating activities of manufacturers and retailers need to be better targeted and more focused than ever before:

  • Products meet current demand and anticipate future opportunities
  • Pricing optimized to maximize sales by channel, retailer, category, brand, and segment
  • Marketing properly targeted, to ensure pre-store efforts are effectively aimed at pre-store decisions
  • Sales based on the alignment of manufacturers and retailers to drive shared volume growth
  • Promotions selected and positioned to drive incremental revenue and profit
  • Merchandising: 
    • Packaging is noticeable and communicates features & benefits successfully
    • Planograms are optimally shopable
    • Display strategy effectively stops and holds, and drives impulse spending

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