SmartRevenue is committed to helping our clients drive retail leadership, marketing and merchandising optimization, and category and brand health



  • Where the purchase decision is made
  • Who is the consumer and who is the shopper
  • What decisions are made at the point-of-purchase
  • How media,  online, and mobile drive purchase intent in the Omni-Channel world
  • What the tipping points are at the moment of decision
  • How shoppers de-select, navigate, convert, and select
  • How to unify qualitative and quantitative data
  • How to create insights-driven retail leadership programs based on driving trips, growing the category, and increasing basket size
  • How to align sales, category management, marketing, and product development
  • How to allocate marketing and merchandising resources based on an understanding of what is driving purchase intent
  • How to define and quantify success

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