SmartRevenue is dedicated to providing the best combination of people, methods, and technologies to drive differentiated insights, winning strategies, and comprehensive cost-effective solutions




  • Is the eyes and ears of our clients at the point-of-purchase, experience, and consumption anywhere in the world.

  • Identifies and quantifies Data Whitespace opportunities not available through big data

  • Offers the largest global field force of 1200 ethnographers

  • Has conducted over 1.2 million observations and interviews in 60 countries, in 46 languages, at 210 retailers in 120 categories



  • Unifies qualitative and quantitative research using our proprietary quantitative ethnographic methods

  • Constructs the path to purchase both in the physical and digital worlds in the Omnichannel World

  • Identifies where the purchase decision is made and why by understanding habit states, need states-but not habit states, and impulsive behavior and triggers in which behavior is changed in the moment

  • Discovers Data Whitespace opportunities not available through sales data, purely observational data, and consumer research

  • Develops ROI models to quantify the impact of the Data Whitespace opportunities to inform investment decisions and models

  • Translates insights into internal and external solutions that can drive strategies to impact change both with senior management and customers


  • Retailers to understand what is driving trips and basket size

  • Manufacturers to optimize product development, packaging, pricing, and retail optimization

  • Airports and Mass Transit to understand and optimize traveler experience

  • Food Service to understand what is driving trips as well as menu and layout optimization

  • Public Health to provide richness to existing data with vibrant quantitative and qualitative ethnographic findings

  • Public Opinion to get beyond traditional polling with immediate, localized, in-context preferences and insights

  • Global Field Force to provide the educated and trained ethnographic field force required to conduct complex unified international projects

  • Consulting & Advertising to be seamless extensions of senior team initiatives


  • Years in Business: 17 years
  • Total Number of Employees: 29

SmartRevenue, a Delaware Corporation, was incorporated in February of 2000 by John Dranow. SmartRevenue (SR) is organized as a C Corporation and currently employs 29 full and part-time staff in addition to our ethnographic field force of over 1200 ethnographers. SR is federally recognized as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and is a Texas SBE certified firm through the Texas Department of Transportation. SR is committed to diversity and equal opportunity. 

SmartRevenue is based on a culture of Service as CEO, John Dranow, has extensive experience in hospitality including being Co-Founder of the New England Culinary Institute and a former National Chair of the American Institute of Wine and Food founded by Julia Child and Robert Mondavi.


Industry Awards: SmartRevenue is a 5 time Honoree and Honor Roll member of the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest-Growing Private US Companies:  

  • 2008 –  Rank #881
  • 2009 – Rank #1704
  • 2010 – Rank #2338
  • 2011 – Rank #1750
  • 2012 – Rank #3887